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Uitvoering: cd
Speelduur: 74'23

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  1. Symphony
  2. Accompagnato (tenore): “Comfort ye”
  3. Air (tenore): “Every valley”
  4. Chorus: “And the glory of the Lord”
  5. Air (alto): “But who may abide”
  6. Chorus: “And He shall purify”
  7. Accompagnato (basso): “For behold”
  8. Air (basso): “The people that walked”
  9. Chorus: “For unto us a Child is born”
  10. Recitativo (soprano): “There were shepherds”
  11. Accompagnato (soprano): “And lo, the angel”
  12. Recitativo (soprano): “And the angel said”
  13. Accompagnato (soprano): “And suddenly”
  14. Chorus: “Glory to God”
  15. Duet (alto, soprano): “He shall feed His flock”
  16. Chorus: “His yoke is easy”
  17. Accompagnato (tenore): “All they that see Him”
  18. Chorus: “He trusted in God”
  19. Chorus: “Hallelujah”
  20. Air (soprano): “I know that my Redeemer”
  21. Chorus: “Since by man came death”
  22. Accompagnato (basso): “Behold, I tell you a mystery”
  23. Air (basso): “The trompet shall sound”
  24. Air (soprano): “If God be for us”
  25. Chorus: “Worthy is the Lamb”

Ter informatie

Uitgeverij Betsaida is gevestigd in het te ’s-Hertogenbosch. De receptionistes van het Sint-Janscentrum helpen u graag verder indien u contact wenst op te nemen met Betsaida.


Uitgeverij Betsaida
Papenhulst 4
5211 LC 's-Hertogenbosch